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Our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 team or our local branch team is ready to assist you with your debit card questions.  And these Frequently Asked Questions may assist you as well.

Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my debit card.  Now what?

If you have lost your debit card, it's important that we get your card blocked as fast as possible.  Here are the fastest ways to report a lost (or stolen) debit card:

How can I get a new debit card?
There are two ways to order a new debit card:
  • Visit your local branch during regular business hours.  The branch team will be happy to assist you with ordering a new card.  
  • Order through your Internet Banking account.  Simply login to your Internet Banking account, and then click on MESSAGES in the upper right corner.  Begin a new message to the bank.  Include a brief sentence such as "Please order me a new debit card with PIN _ _ _ _" and indicate what four digit PIN number you would like.  A new debit card with your requested PIN will be ordered for you.  Note:  If you have multiple owners of the account, each person will have to order their cards individually.  

Can I order a new debit card over the phone?
No.  We cannot accept new debit card orders over the phone.  Please see the above question for instructions for ordering a new debit card.  

How much does a new debit card cost?
There is no charge for a new debit card.  

I received a notice that my debit card has been compromised.  Now what?
Visit our Compromised Debit Card Help page.  It contains an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may find useful.  You may also contact our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 or visit your local branch for assistance.  

I received a call from Fraud Prevention Services.  What do I do?
Our Fraud Prevention Team monitors debit card usage around the clock. They will call you immediately if they detect any suspicious use of your debit card.  They will discuss the situation with you and confirm that the transaction in question is legitimate.  If they are not able to reach you, they may block the transaction and block your card to protect your account.  Please contact us immediately if you detect any unauthorized transactions on your account.  You may call our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 or visit your local branch.  

I noticed an unauthorized transaction on my account.  How do I report this?
Contact us immediately and report the unauthorized transaction.  We will begin the dispute process for you.  You can call our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 or visit your local branch to report unauthorized transactions.  

I'll be traveling soon.  Do I need to notify the bank?
Yes.  Notify us in advance, and we will place travel notes on your account.  This assists our Fraud Prevention Team with monitoring your account.  You can call our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 or visit your local branch to notify us of your travel plans.  

Can I change my PIN number?
Yes.  PIN numbers on debit cards can be changed, but you will have to know your current PIN number to complete this.  To change your PIN number, please visit any of our ATMs and initiate a valid ATM transaction using your current PIN number.  Then select the Change PIN option.  

How long will it take for my new card to arrive?
New debit cards typically arrive 7 to 10 business days after they were ordered.  

I can't wait 7 to 10 business days for my new card to arrive.  Are there any other options?
We do offer an expedited process for ordering debit cards at an extra cost.  With this premium service, the client assumes the expense for the expedited production and shipping.  To learn more about this service, contact our Client Care Line 800.624.6452 or visit your local branch.

How do I activate my new card?
Your new card can be activated by performing a PIN based transaction at an ATM or a PIN based purchase.  

What type of packaging should I look for with my new card?
For security purposes, we mail debit cards in a plain white envelope.

Can I have more than one debit card per account?
Each account owner can only have one debit card per account. If there are multiple owners of an account, each owner may have their own debit card for that account.

Can I get a temporary debit card?
We do not offer temporary debit cards.  

What is MasterCard SecureCode?
MasterCard SecureCode  is a private code for your debit card that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security.  Only you and MasterCard knows what your code is - retailers aren't able to see it.  So you can trust that your transactions get independent approval every time.  To get MasterCard SecureCode set up for your debit card, visit MasterCard SecureCode.

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