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Mobile Security Tips

Mobile banking is a super convenient service, but consumers must take precautions when opting to go mobile. These tips may be valuable to you in staying secure in the mobile environment .  

  • Set passwords and enable screen locks to prevent others from using your devices.  Use a mix of characters and cases that are unique to each account or site you use.  Consider installing remote wiping software to wipe important data from your phone in case it's lost or stolen.
  • Download and update apps and software from authorized vendors only.  Others may appear credible but could contain viruses that put your device at risk.  Mobile malware is often actively installed by users who download and install infected apps from an app store.  
  • Install (and keep up to date) anti-malware software to protect against malicious apps, spyware, and more.  Installing a firewall will also help protect your mobile devices from direct assaults from attackers.
  • Social engineering is becoming a growing threat.  People are more willing than ever to share personal information about themselves online.  Some of this is because social media platforms encourage a dangerous level of assumed trust.  Attackers attempt to get your information in many different ways.  One of these methods includes posting links or ads on social media and other websites that appear legitimate but actually leads you to a malicious site.
  • Reduce your exposure to public, unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots by turning off your Wi-Fi settings when you're not using Wi-Fi. 
Have additional questions?  Call your local banker for assistance.    

mobile security tips


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